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Residential Pest Control

We know how unsettling it can be to have pests invade your home and know you want them evicted ASAP!

Pinpoint provides a complete service to remove all pests and help you to be able to relax at home again. We carry out an easy 3-step process to remove the pests and help stop any more unwanted guests coming back.

Step 1: Control

Using traps, monitors and pesticides we will remove the pests invading your home.

Step 2: Cleaning and monitoring

We remove all signs of pests such as droppings and nesting materials. All contaminated surfaces will be disinfected. Tracking methods such as motion cameras, tracking gels and pest monitors will be used to confirm complete control.

Step 3: Exclusion

Pest proofing works will be carried out to help stop pests accessing your home in the future.

Pests covered

• Mice
• Rats
• Bedbugs
• Ants
• Cockroaches

• Moths
• Wasps
• Fleas
• Squirrels
• Pigeons

Pinpoint offer a variety of pest control solutions, to residential and commercial properties in London

Call us today on 07378 417 461 for a free pest control survey and competitive quotation