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Welcome to Pinpoint Environmental, a family run pest control company based in West London.

We are a local company that you can trust to eradicate pests from your business and homes.

At Pinpoint we have a real passion for what we do and love helping to resolve pest issues. We believe in spending time investigating the root cause of all pest infestations so we can provide you with a long-term solution. Using techniques such as motion sensor cameras, detection dogs and tracking methods we PINPOINT all active pest infestations and provide a targeted and effective treatment plan.

Our team of pest controllers are fully insured, DBS checked and experienced in all methods of pest control for both residential and commercial properties.

If you are suffering from a pest infestation get in contact today for a free no obligation survey and treatment plan.

Rodent Control

Mice and rat infestations are a common problem in London. Pinpoint will get rid of rats and mice from your property quickly and humanely.


Bird Control

In large numbers pigeons and seagulls can become pests. Pinpoint provide effective prevention and deterrents for birds.


Bedbug Removal

Bedbugs are a common problem in hotels, hostels and shared accommodations. Pinpoint offer fast targeted treatments to remove bedbugs.


Wasp Treatments

Wasp nests can be very worrying and dangerous. Pinpoint can safely remove nests and deter wasps from returning.



Cockroaches breed quickly and transfer many diseases. Pinpoint's treatments remove 100% of your infestation.


Ant Treatments

Ants can contaminate food and food preparation surfaces as well as infesting your home. Pinpoint provide safe and effective treatments and advice.


Our Customer Reviews

Kaleem Ahmad
Kaleem Ahmad
Mark is friendly and professional. He was on time and knew what need to be done. I had Mark take care of two of my properties and he has done a very good job. Tenants are happy an Iā€™m happy.
Kirsty Lynas
Kirsty Lynas
Katherine Wallis
Katherine Wallis
Mark was extremely professional, punctual and reliable. He pinpointed the issue quickly and was willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the rodent issue was gone. 10/10 would recommend.
Jey Chandran
Jey Chandran
Got rid of all the pests from just one treatment! Would highly recommend.
Ali May
Ali May
One of the best Pest Control Services in the local area. After calling a few recommended by the Hillingdon Council, I was not getting any decent responses and some were extremely expensive. Mark, was very responsive, good value for money and and very professional with his advice. I would recommend his services to anyone.
A Kaur
A Kaur
Absolutely superb and professional service. Mark was extremely helpful, answering all queries and putting my mind at ease. He completed a thorough inspection. Mark offered the options available, reassuringly every step of the way. I had the bedroom steamed, despite no sign of bedbugs for my peace of mind - again all done thoroughly. I would definitely recommend Pinpoint! 5 stars do not seem enough!
Amanda Brewer
Amanda Brewer
Mark returned my call within the hour and visited my elderly mum's house later that week. I was nervous as I live far away and she lives alone. He was on time, polite, reassuring and professional. I would recommend him without hesitation.
Rob Walker
Rob Walker
Jedi Wifey
Jedi Wifey
The guys of Pinpoint Pest Control are what their name states! Very pinpoint! Very professional, clearly enjoy their job they do and are fantastic to work with as well as easy going to talk to and communicate with. The work they performed was precise and very effective! I am bedbug free! Highly highly recommend this company! Huge thank you to Mark and Jason for your spectacular work and care taken in every aspect! šŸŒŸ šŸŒŸ šŸŒŸ šŸŒŸ šŸŒŸ

How Do I Know if I Have a Pest Problem?

There are a few tell-tale signs that you may have a pest problem:

* Seeing pests around your home or business

* Hearing noises coming from walls or under floorboards

* Finding droppings or damage caused by pests

* Noticing an increase in allergies or respiratory problems

If you have noticed any of these signs, it is important to act quickly and call a pest control professional. The longer you leave it, the worse the problem will become.

What Services Do Pinpoint Environmental Provide?

At Pinpoint Environmental, we provide a wide range of pest control services in London. We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are experts in their field. We can provide a range of services, including:

* Residential pest control

* Commercial pest control

* Industrial pest control

* Food industry pest control

We also offer a range of specialist services, such as bird control and bed bug treatments. Whatever your problem, we will have a solution.

Our Service

There are many dangers of pests, including things as little as wasp nests. As well as this, pests can go undetected for ages, especially on industrial premises. Firstly, there is a huge health hazard so we always ensure we leave your domestic or commercial property pest free. We offer every type of pest removal you can think of from mice control to getting rid of a wasps nest.

Pest proofing is our speciality which means we can also prevent creatures from getting back into your property. Our team have great customer service and provides the most efficient service for our domestic and commercial clients. All our technicians are fully insured, DBS checked and experienced in all methods of pest removal.

Pest Problems

Pests can be a real hassle to deal with, especially if they are not dealt with quickly. They can cause damage to your property, spread diseases, and create a general nuisance.

If you have pest problems, it is important to act quickly to resolve them. The longer you leave it, the worse the problem will become. Pests can be difficult to get rid of, so it is best to leave them to the professionals.

Pinpoint Environmental offers a professional and discreet service, so you can rest assured that your problem will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We understand how stressful a pest problem can be, so we will work quickly and efficiently to resolve the issue.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Pest control is a vital service for any business, whether it's a restaurant, hotel, or office building. Pinpoint environmental are commercial experts in getting rid of pests and preventing them from returning. They have the knowledge and experience to identify the source of the infestation and implement a solution that will get rid of the pests quickly and effectively.

Our qualified team use a variety of methods to get rid of pests, including pesticides, traps, and exclusion methods. They also use prevention methods to keep pests from returning. This includes inspecting the premises for potential entry points and taking steps to seal them off.

If you're looking for a reliable and effective commercial pest control service, contact one of the many companies that offer this service. They will be able to assess your needs and recommend a course of action. Keep your business safe from pests - call us today for more information.

Domestic Pest Control Services

If you're dealing with pests in your home, you need a reliable and effective pest control service. We are one of the many companies that offer domestic pest control services in London, and they will be able to assess your needs and recommend a course of action.

There are a variety of methods that can be used to get rid of pests, including pesticides, traps, and exclusion methods. The most effective method will vary depending on the species of pest that is present.

Some common pests that can invade your home include ants, cockroaches, spiders, and rodents. If you're dealing with any of these pests, contact us for domestic pest control assistance. We can provide a solution that will get rid of the pests quickly and effectively.

Pest Control Services

We are Pinpoint Environmental and we have a range of pest control experts on hand to assist you to get rid of all sorts. We have treatments ranging from bugs to bird control. Our pest control professionals in London have the experience and know-how to get rid of your problem, no matter how big or small it may be.

If you think you may have a pest problem, don't hesitate to give us a call. We will send one of our experts out to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action. We offer a free, no-obligation quotation so that you can make an informed decision about the best way to proceed.

We understand that dealing with pests can be a stressful experience, which is why we offer a professional and discreet service. We will work quickly and efficiently to resolve your issue, with minimal disruption to your home or business.

Call us today on 07378 417 461 for a free pest control survey and competitive quotation