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Mice control in London

Getting rid of mice in London

Mice infestations are a common problem in London. They enter our homes and workplace looking for 2 things; a place to live and food to eat. Once inside they use the fabric of the building to setup home.

We offer a variety of rodent pest control solutions, to residential and commercial properties.
Call us today on 07378 417 461 for a free pest control survey and competitive quotation.

We offer effective and long-lasting mouse control services to London’s homes and businesses. Pinpoint technicians are trained to focus on finding and resolving the source of the pest problem. We use a range of survey techniques such as, mouse sniffer dogs, motion cameras and tracking gels to make sure we find and treat all rodent entry points and runs.

Following a thorough survey to find the source of the problems, you will receive a site-specific treatment plan which will include a method of control, hygiene cleaning, prevention and monitoring.

Call us today on 07378 417 461 for a free pest control survey and competitive quotation